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The Police Visit Foundation

On Tuesday 9th May, Foundation were on their best behaviour for some very important visitors!

We had the privilege of meeting PC Debbie and PC Evelyn as they came in to talk to the children about their roles as Police Officer and PCSO.

We have been learning about local heroes and people who help us in our community so this was a perfect experience, arranged by our lovely TA Miss Bickford. They explained why we should never be afraid of the police and how they can in fact help us and keep us safe.

They showed us what they would do to arrest a criminal and used real handcuffs to demonstrate on our willing (!) crook Miss B! Of course it was all pretend and they eventually let her go – after a search for the missing key!!

Then it was the children’s turn to play police officers as they were allowed to try on real police gear including a riot helmet, several other types of hat and big, padded jackets.

Another highlight of the visit was when PC Debbie used her radio to communicate to another police officer. We had a two way dialogue and the other officer thought that perhaps PC Debbie might need backup to control our rowdy lot! (The audio on the video does improve halfway through).

All joking aside, our special visitors remarked how pleasant it was to come into our school and how well behaved our children were.

Well done Foundation, you did us proud once again!

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