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Hazel at Forest School Week 2

Absolutely fantastic weather met Hazel class this week as we embarked on week number two of their block. A thorough tool talk ensued when we reached the valley; tools spread out, blood bubble in place and eyes and ears definitely locked in. We spoke about the different parts of the tools (e.g the handle, blade, lock, sheathe) and their different handling techniques.





Once the session was in full swing one thing to get going quite quickly was… raising the swing! We retrieved the seat that was sawn off last week and lifted it with only a few kinks in the rope getting in the way. The children learnt about the importance of using the correct knots so we could take it down again and ‘Leave No Trace’. It so turned out though however, that when I threw the rope up I didn’t allow enough slack and, after some vigorous swinging from the children, I struggled to get it down! An extra rope was raised and used as a step to gain a better purchase. Rope retrieved!  

Along with the usual knife,saw and secateur use that has become more prevalent with the KS2 sessions, some children also had the opportunity to use a chisel this week to remove knots and lumps in their sticks. Working in pairs they used the self made mallets from previous sessions to support their work. Excellent concentration and safety on display.


Dens and tribes have been a key component for this cohort and they did not disappoint, with some of the best dens of this academic year being raised. Taught, spacious, high enough and comfortable (for the most part), the children had thought of everything, well done!

Hopefully the experiences of this full length session will help Hazel class get a head start on their shorter PPA session next week.


Until then,


Mr Blake


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