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Hazel Class 1st Week at Forest School

Due to the Year 4/5 PPA session and the extra adults needed to support the mock SATs week, this was another quick afternoon session. Despite the warning of rain from the BBC website the children got changed early, collected their gear and headed up smiling.

Hazel were a little slow getting up there (in coming weeks we may need to redistribute the gear) but after a while we arrived in the – surprisingly – dry valley and started our session. Though it was the first lesson of this block the children, have been to the woods in this capacity several times before so could get up and running with the activities fairly quickly.

The activities included plenty of eager and successful (for the most part) fire lighting; den building and tribe founding and even some tool use. One child was determined to find a swing seat to use for a rope swing and though we didn’t end up getting the swing up, he used a hand saw to cut through a fallen tree (the one Cherry had courageously harvested). With support from Mrs Sweeting he managed to safely use the saw and demonstrated good knowledge of the tool and how to handle it correctly. He showed fantastic recall and managing of own his risk!

The level of perseverance on show for the first session was fantastic. Many groups got fire lit quickly and successfully and it provided a good location for setting up dens around them. Next week we will cover fire and safe lighting in more detail, covering the use of resources; protecting the ground and leaving no trace whatsoever.

I look forward to next week and the longer morning session which comes. More tool use and time to get that rope swing up! Let’s go Hazel!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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