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Year 6 Science

Year 6 continued their Science learning about Properties and Changes to Materials with Mr Gage from Lipson Co-operative Academy this week.  They found out that breakfast cereals tend to be fortified with iron.  Mr Gage demonstrated (using a magnet) how to separate out the iron from some cereal so the children could observe the tiny particles.

The children then investigated the properties of some materials themselves and noted down the item’s name, their observations regarding its properties and what they thought each material could be used for.

After, they discussed how they could carry out an investigation to test the materials for a range of properties.  Skye suggested we could test the materials to see if they conduct electricity by making an electrical circuit with a battery, wires and lamp and inserting each material in turn into the circuit.  She suggested the lamp would light up only if the material conducted electricity.  Good thinking Skye!


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