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Year 2 at the Allotment

This term Year Two have been learning about plants.

To enrich the learning experience we have visited the school allotment to see plants in their natural environment. When we arrived at the allotment, Jason showed us our new KS1 raised bed. He then explained that we will soon be planting raspberry and the other fruit bushes we requested there.

We then went to the polytunnel and learnt about compost and a new type of soil enricher; coco fibre. We learnt and saw with our own eyes how the coco fibre expanded when water was added. This was then added to the soil to improve the quality. Next, we sieved compost to remove any large or unwanted debris. We learnt that when planting seeds, the compost must be fine and free of lumps.

After this, we planted green pea seeds using our prepared compost. Finally, we raked the soil in preparation for the wild flower bed near the entrance to the allotment. We learnt that this soil needs to be fine and aerated so that the wild flowers will flourish in their new environment.


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