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Chestnut at Forest School Week 3

Another wet session was in store for these poor Year 3 children, I think they’ve had the worst luck of all of the classes so far! Luckily it wasn’t quite as bad as the preceding Tuesday and, though it was the muddiest and messiest week so far, we didn’t get too drenched.


After showing Miss Sammels what we had learnt so far, the children set about with the main aim for the week..staying warm and dry, again! Groups worked tirelessly to get their shelters up and there were soon areas that were dry enough to work in (despite a few slightly dripping tarps).


The children set to work with fire steels and cotton wool again, this week attempting to light the pieces of dry kindling wood but it proved a bit of a thankless task with conditions as they were. A few children persevered and got short lived blazes going but they were few and far between. Spirits were not dampened too much however as a rope swing was put up and the children enjoyed the mud! This became quite a key feature of the session with some children even decided to play, ‘Peppa Pig, Muddy Puddles!’.


The session was finished with the new (ish) tradition or s’mores! The gigantic marshmallows were toasted over the fire and squished between biscuits (those that didn’t fall off the sticks anyway!) and a sticky, snack which has become synonymous with Forest School this year was enjoyed by all. Even the adults present had a try! What great end to the Year 3’s time in the woods and a joy it has been too.


Year 4/5 next week and the turn of Cherry class to come to the valley.


Bring the sun, Mrs Nightingale!


Until next time,


Mr Blake


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