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Chestnuts at Forest School 2

Yet again the sunshine pixies were not looking upon me when I did my dance on Wednesday morning. Actual, proper, miserable wet weather was to be the main ingredient for the first time in Laira Green Forest School 16/17. Boo.

However, as we left the classroom to change into our wellies and get the equipment, the weather started to ease off…ever so slightly. Not to be fooled though (who knew how long the weather would hold for) we made sure to get the shelter up as a priority upon arrival in the valley. The teams of children worked well together and with a little support the knots were tied and a dry area created. One area of salvation would not be sufficient though so the children set about making sure they could keep themselves dry: hauling ropes, trying string and decorating their dens with pine cones and make shift fire pits.

With staying dry being the main priority of the session and shelters going up well, it gace the children a chance to turn their hand at fire lighting a bit of warmth to proceedings. Lots of perseverance was on show as they set about trying to spark the fire steels onto cotton wool. Some found it easier than others and many balls of wool fell victim to the damp conditions making it even harder. There were a few whoops of glee as success happened but there were also grimaces of steely determination as some children tried and tried but were defeated by the conditions. Hopefully if there is better weather next week then it may make the task easier.

A warm drink and a biscuit changed those grimaces back into smiles and the children were able to take their snack to their dens to enjoy. Ideas about next week flew around and mentions of swings, smores and fires got the anticipation growing.

Here’s hoping that my dance for the sunshine pixies is a little more successful next week!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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