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Sycamore at Forest School 2


With the weather being so terrible for the majority of this week the children were lucky to visit the woods in one of the only dry(ish) periods. Obviously being concerned about the weather, there was really one one focus for this week, shelter! The children worked really well together to raise 5 tarpaulins, giving a large area of ground that would be safe for us to shelter under if indeed the heavens did open.

In addition to this the children were given the task of trying to light small, short lived fires to both demonstrate their skills and lend themselves a little warmth.

It was a challenge to say the least; the woodland only offered us up sodden specimens to help light our fires and it required a fair bit of support both with shaved feather sticks and dry (unfortunately bought) kindling. Sure enough we did have a few successes but the many of the children were defeated by the damp conditions.

Hot chocolates soon improved everyone’s spirits though as well as the thought of marshmallows to come next week. Looking forward to it!


Until then,
Mr Blake  


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