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Birch Forest School Week 5

What a fantastic final week for Birch class! After a quick tidy up and a brief discussion regarding all the skills and knowledge the children have gained over the last few years in Forest School they were invited to take their final session in any direction they wanted.

We had a fantastic swing put up with the the children finding more ways to swing higher and faster. There was a cosy little den with a stylish coat rack rigged up. Small fires were made and disposed of. Chisels were used to help fashion our Forest School mallets. It was a whirlwind of activity!

Hot chocolates were handed out to keep us warm and the special snack of s’mores were made, but this time with the mega marshmallows! Many a happy face was seen!

The session ended with some reflection time on what they have enjoyed over the years at Laira Green Forest School. It was lovely to hear the positive reactions to the opportunities the children have had and what they will take with them into the future. It is uncertain whether or not the path they choose will involve much or indeed any outdoor activities but hopefully the memories from their time in Efford Valley will stay with them forever.



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