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We were very lucky at Laira Green Primary School this week as we got to watch a pantomime by M&M Productions. It was Cinderella!!!

First, there was a wicked stepmother who kept coming up the aisle in the hall and blowing raspberries at the children! She had black and white fuzzy hair! There was also Great Auntie Tish who was the fairy godmother who granted Cinderella’s wish to go to the ball. She pretended to be an old lady who had lost her way so she could talk to the prince. The ugly stepsisters were very funny and very silly. Germoline dressed up as a burger to go to the ball. Our children laughed and laughed.panto

There were plenty of songs for our children to join in with and they were encouraged to clap along. The stepmother said that the two stepsisters were really good at singing and our children called “oh no, they’re not!!!”. As always with M&M Productions, this was top quality entertainment and gave the children and teachers lots of things to talk about in class to help with their English work. Thank you to all families who contributed towards this amazing event.


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