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Birch at Forest School Week 4


This week was a very practical one. In addition to the usual hot chocolates, biscuits and self initiated exploration we flexed our muscles and went log hunting! In order to make the area we use a bit more comfortable (in the most natural way possible) we started to pull together some more ideas about seating. The first steps down this path were taken last term with Ash class and we certainly pulled our weight this week.

The children were introduced to the knot called a ‘killick hitch’ which is the combination of the twisty ‘timber hitch’ and the simple ‘half hitch’. They tied this to large fallen tree limbs and log and used it to drag them back to the working area. The most impressive thing was the eagerness of every child to run over and help move a log which was essentially half a tree! Several ropes were attached and we all heaved it back. It was a fantastic effort! This large log can hopefully be utilised in future weeks and worked in usable seating.

Several other impressive efforts also took place. A group of girls worked extremely hard with Mrs Barker to continue the preparation of a wooden mallet. They did this using the brick bolster and chisels as did Ash class. The determination on show here was great!

Saws were used to shorten some of the logs which were brought back; chisels and mallets were used to make feet for a log seat; large pieces of slate were also recovered from the ground to use as shovels for clearing the fire remains and keeping the area tidy. Leave no trace!

Overall it was a fantastic effort from Birch class this week. I’m sure there a few aching muscles upon arrival back at school! Here’s hoping for a repeat of that attitude and approach next week.


Until then,


Mr Blake


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