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Year 2 Spelling


It is an exciting term for spellings at Laira Green.  With the huge rise in expectations from the government, the staff have been investigating new approaches to teaching and learning spellings in order for your children to achieve these higher expectations. It should be noted, that in order to achieve ‘Age Related Expectations’ in English, each child must be able to spell the words in their year group’s spelling list.  

Following several training sessions, we have agreed the following (some are new changes, some remain unchanged):

  • Spellings will be taught every day in school;
  • A term’s overview of spellings will be made available to every child at the start of every term, and they will  be placed on the school website;
  • No more than 10 spellings will be sent home to learn each week.  This will be comprised of the following:  some personal spellings unique to your child, some spellings from the statutory spelling lists for their year group and some spellings that follow a particular pattern;
  • Tests will consist of these 10 spellings (8 spellings for year 1 pupils) plus 5 random spellings from previous weeks.  This is to encourage children to continue to revise previous spellings in order to remember them for longer that one week;
  • Spellings may be tested in a traditional list style, or they may be given as a sentence to learn and write;
  • Learning Log homework will be used to set interesting ways to rehearse and learn spellings at home.

We look forward to these new changes and the positive impact we feel it will have on our children.


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