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Birch at Forest School Week 2

The last Forest School session of the calendar year allowed us to practice more with some of our tools like secateurs and saws. copy-of-dsci0241We harvested some of the natural sown thicket of sycamore and ash that the council had said we could use and have retained some of the wood for use in future weeks. The children demonstrated good understanding of the blood bubble rule and also showed a good level of teamwork when moving or lifting the heavier boughs.copy-of-dsci0237

Swings were a big thing (again!) this week and the children tried their hardest to find new and interesting swing sites and to erect the swings themselves. They found appropriate seats/sticks and with a little support in tying the knots and throwing the ropes up they were away!

Along with the usual hot chocolate and biscuit or two the session ended with a craft-off! The children were tasked with using string and all manner of cut twigs and natural woodland litter to create something amazing! We had frames, dream catchers, necklaces and even a winch! I have to say, the imagination of the majority of these children astounds me.


I look forward to what ideas they can come up with in 2017, exciting times ahead!


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