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Birch at Forest School

Week 1

Wow. Just, wow. The behaviour of Birch Class at Forest School this week was fantastic and really made the session flow quicker and easier. They are very organised and also really polite! A credit to themselves and the school.

As Mrs Barker was unfamiliar with the way that we do Forest School at Laira Green, it was a great chance to both recap on skills the children had learnt previously and display just what we could do. Despite the lack of rain (we’ve had great weather for Forest School this year so far, I wonder if we’ll have one more week to see us out….?) we raised the large tarp well in the usual way and with good speed. The children were then set the task of searching for wood and LITTLE STICKS. I can never emphasise it enough and it always proves a stumbling block as the children underestimate the amount of thin fuel they will need when fire lighting. We discussed the merits and drawbacks of pine needles and leaves and how a lot of the kindling on the floor was mildly damp and where to look for the best fallen twigs. Sooner or later though most small groups of children had a small fire going to warm themselves.

We also managed to put up a rope swing after using a saw to shorten a length of appropriate wood for the seat. Many children had the opportunity to use the saw and it was a good chance to remind them of rules like blood bubble and where to place your hands. When using the swing it was important that the children demonstrated managing their own risk and as such the safety rules that they would apply to those swinging and waiting. The managed this admirably, with very few slips or falls. Mrs Barker even had a go,  much to the enjoyment of the children!

Overall a great first week from Birch class and I look forward to the last one of the year next week. How quickly it’s gone!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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