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Passover in Hazel Class

We have learnt so much about Judaism this term.  For our final activity, we re-enacted the Passover meal, which Jewish people all over the world celebrate every year, remembering the times when their ancestors were slaves in Egypt and were then freed with Moses as their leader.

All the food that we tried had a symbolic significance: a boiled egg – new life and life as a continuing cycle; salt water – tears from the Hebrew slaves; charoset (pickle) – bricks and mortar used to build Pyramids; bitter herbs (horseradish) – bitterness of slavery; lamb Bone – the sacrificed lamb, blood used for marking the door post; parsley – spring and new life; matzoh (unleavened bread) – In their haste to leave Egypt and escape slavery, the Israelites had no time to let dough rise for bread; red wine (grape juice!) – joy and happiness in freedom from slavery.

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