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Ash Class at Forest School Week 5

Ash class’ last week in the woods was a great one! We had a flying visit from the council maintenance crew who observed some of the vandalism that had been perpetrated on many areas of the valley. They agreed that something had to be done and that they would try their best to remove the burnt furniture and have a good tidy up within the week. Thanks gents!

As it was their last week the children had a lot of freedom to direct their own learning and experiences based upon the skills that they had learnt so far. Many decided to concentrate on their responsible fire lighting and the levels of perseverance on show from these small groups was fantastic, they just didn’t give up!

A swing was also raised, as were several shelters. Saws and knives also came out and we made sure that rules were reinforced such as blood bubble, cutting away from you etc. Despite this we still managed to have our first knife wound of the last few years at Forest School. The child however was very brave and first aid was administered swiftly before he was taken back to school ahead of the main group. A learning experience for all I think!

The session was finished with some yummy hot chocolate and some more s’mores, this time with added chocolate digestives! A fitting end to a fantastic last ever Forest School at Laira Green for these Year 6 children. Thank you Ash class! I hope that your experiences in the woods stand you in good stead for being a responsible citizen and taking care of your local green spaces.

Birch class has the next block of sessions so, until next time,

Mr Blake


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