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Baptism in Foundation

On Wednesday 23rd November, Foundation Stage walked down to St. Mary’s church and met Father Trevor.

We have been learning about church celebrations, such as weddings and christenings and this week Father Trevor kindly baptised one of our dolls! First we had to choose a name – Archie’s suggestion of Poppy was chosen out of the hat, then we had to choose the parents! We chose Lily Kay-Noakes and Alfie Edmonds to be the proud mum and dad (they played the role very well!) and the Godparents were Annalise, Liam and Caleb.

We dressed Poppy in a nice, white gown and blanket for the occasion. Father Trevor annointed Poppy with a cross on her head using blessed oil and water from the font. He then said a prayer for her and lit a candle for the parents to hold (with supervision!) The children’s behaviour was impeccable and we are so proud of the way they listened carefully and asked sensible questions.

Well done Foundation, we hope you enjoyed attending the christening. Perhaps for some of you this would have been your first time!



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