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Ash Class at Forest School (extra information!)

This week we had another special guest in the valley, Miss Bailey asked to join us and she was gratefully received! It was a fantastic opportunity to show her what we have been doing for the last few years and how many skills the children have learnt from their experiences.

We started with putting up the large shelter and talked about how we overcome the challenges and how we have had to persevere over the years to get better at throwing the weighted ropes up into the trees.

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A few children set about helping get the main fire started and we soon had a roaring blaze going. It wasn’t too cold but it certainly helped keep us warm and gave us something to warm the water for hot chocolates later on. The rest of the children then eagerly set about making their own fires in small groups with varying degrees of success. The lack of small dry sticks on the wet ground proved a hindrance to most and, though we managed to find a few fallen branches that were appropriate, the majority of the fires were started with the aid of a ‘feather stick’ featuring lots of thin shavings of dry kindling wood (which unfortunately had to be brought in).

Several children chose to show Miss Bailey their knife skills by making these feather sticks and lots of safety points were mentioned as well as technique on getting just the right angle and pressure for a good fine shaving of wood. Miss Bailey even had a go and made a very good attempt!

A swing was raised and several independent shelters were built, a good variety of learnt skills on display. Overall it was lovely to have Miss Bailey attend a session and see all of the hard work the children put in and the fun they get out of it. The children are a credit to themselves and to the school and it is a real pleasure for me to run Forest School at Laira Green.

It is Ash class’ last session next week and I for one am really looking forward to it.

Until next time,

Mr Blake


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