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Ash Class at Forest Schools

Ash Forest School Week 3

We had an slightly unexpected (yet entirely welcome!) visitor this week in the valley in the form of local ward Councillor Brian Vincent! I have been in contact with him in recent weeks about whether or not he would be able to find time to come and visit us and find out a bit more about what we do. We were able to talk to him about the sorts of things we do: the activities we do and skills we learn; our motto of ‘leave no trace’; how we were trying to give something back to valley and our sadness at the vandalism we had witnessed. As a result of this Brian promised to put me in touch with the council officer who is responsible for parks and find out about how we can replace the seating and how we can contribute.

We continued the session with revisit of some work with tools such as saw and secateurs that the children had already experienced. There was also the opportunity for a refresh of their skills with knives. Safety and technique were discussed in equal measure and every child had the opportunity to do some whittling and shaping of sticks. There will be more chances for them to explore the use for this skill in future weeks.


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