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Ash Class at Forest School

Ash Forest School Week 2

It was slightly wet this week and so for the first time in a long time our large green tarpaulin got an airing! The increase in the children’s recall and level of skill is evident in how well they raised the tarp, showing just how big an impact the longer blocks of sessions are having. Good teamwork and peer encouragement (with a little support) saw us with a shelter in quite a short space of time, well done! There was soon another shelter or two constructed completely independently and come snack snack time these proved quite useful to shelter from the rain.

A rope swing was constructed at the children’s request and some of the knots were also tied by the children (we made sure we could get it down this week!). Plenty of gleeful squeals echoed through the valley as they used it. In addition to this some children helped Mr Watson to make a fire to warm water for the hot drink (warm squash is definitely not a hit with some!) and one child even challenged herself with an idea if making a bird box! Definitely a few weeks work in that project, what a great idea!

The main aim of this block of sessions is to try to give something back and do something about the loss of seating in the valley and the children continued to make another mallet to aid our quest. Hopefully Councillor Brian Vincent will be able to visit us in the valley in the coming weeks and advise us on how best to make our contribution to the shared space. I look forward to the children showing him what we do and can offer.

Until next time,

Mr Blake


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