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Year 2 Forest (Group B Week 3)

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So the final week was upon us! This whole term with the Year 2 children has been fantastic! They have shown great teamwork skills, resilience and imagination over the 6 weeks and I am am sure that this will continue with the Year 6 children after half term.

We tidied, we explored and worked together. With the main focus of the session being fire lighting we spent a good amount of time talking about the process. What you would need to light it; the fact that a lot of the smaller sticks on the woodland floor would be wet following the previous day’s rain; the three elements of the fire triangle; safety. The children were quite aware of what was needed, some also showed good recall from their brief introduction to fire when they visited the woods in Year 1.

copy-of-october-butterflies-and-dragonflies-053With the main fire lit the children separated into groups and started to light their own small fires. With support from the adults present each group managed to get a little blaze going, one was even tended by Mr Bright who ended up havincopy-of-october-butterflies-and-dragonflies-035g a small group sat with him nice and calmly, a lovely sight in a busy last week of term.  

At the end of the session the children were given hot chocolate and marshmallows! A warm and tasty treat! As usual there was many a marshmallow dropped into the fire, sticky fingers, sneaky helpings of thirds and lot and lots of smiles.

A well deserved break for all of the children and staff at Laira Green and then straight back into the swing of things with Year 6!

Until then,

Mr Blake


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