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More Forest School Activities for Yr2

Group B Week 2


After the usual litter pick to get us started, the children were presented with their own short piece of string and encouraged to sit around and learn a knot that would really help them when putting up their shelters. We practised the round turn and two half hitches to fasten their string to either a finger or a stick with the aim that eventually it would be a rope to a tree or branch. Despite the inevitable difficulties that arose, it was great to see children who were immediately of the opinion that, “ I can’t do it!” go very swiftly to, “Here , let me show you how you tie it!” Great teamwork shown by the Year 2 children!  

This then led into into shelter building and the dens were put up in the usual places. In addition to this however, the children immediately wanted to use the knots for other things. There were wizards staffs and magic wands created and with a little help from the adults and by finding juuuuust the right stick, some amazing things were produced!


The children were also very keen to make a swing and after it had gone up and some rules had been decided upon, Mr Bright proved an expert at swinging the children. Shouts of glee rang through the valley!

As well as the shelters and everything else, a sort of hammock was constructed and experimented with by one group. Calls of, “I’ve hit the floor!” and, “It needs to be tighter!” were heard and in due course the children were up and wobbling around in mid air in the hammock! Hopefully this idea can be developed in future weeks and the task can be extended in a variety of ways.

During the play and exploration there was a sad discovery. A group of children had found a dead budgie at the base of a tree and after a short talk about hygiene and not to touch it without gloves or tools, a discussion was had about what to do with it. Someone came up with the quite sensible idea of finding a place to bury it and the children set about digging a shallow hole for the poor bird and covering it over. A sad first for Forest School but an interesting learning experience nonetheless.


Next week is the beginning of the end for the rotation of these Year 2 classes and tasty treats will be involved!


Until next time,


Mr Blake


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