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Year 2 at the Allotment

This week we had a fun filled day visiting the school allotment.yr2


First we looked at the sunflower heads and spotted the seeds that were left, some were better than others. Here is a picture of the prize winning sunflower and its beautiful seed head.


Then we spotted tyr2ahe left over runner bean pods and Jason opened one up to show us the seeds inside. We learned that we need to wait until the bean is brown to harvest the seeds for future use. Here is a picture of the seeds we harvested today.





Next, we went to the orchard and picked some apples from the yr2btrees. We also learned that some apples are blushed red because they face the sun, while their underside is still green as the sun has not reached here. We also found a funny shaped apple!




Then we watched Jason cut up a watermelon (grown on the allotment!) while he explained that melons have evolved and can be grown in any shape nowadays using a plastic mold. We also learned that the melons with seeds are sweeter than the melons without seeds!

Finally, we got to eat the watermelon!


We finisyr2ghed the session by helping clear a raised bed area in preparation for planting carrots and other root vegetables next spring…



When we cleared the ground there was one raspberry plant hidden underneath – with one juicy raspberry ready to eat!



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