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Foundation Allotment Visit


On Wednesday 28th September, we had our first visit to the allotment! Ladybirds went first, followed by Bumblebees in the afternoon.picture-123

The experience was a real delight for our senses with lots to touch, hear, smell, see and even taste! First we looked at the old sunflowers which we learnt are good food for the birds, who help to disperse the seeds. Then we walked along and met Blue the friendly chicken! She was so good she let us smooth her and even tried to follow us on the way out!

Then we walked along further and saw some enormous pumpkins growing! At the end of the strip we saw the orchard with damson fruit and apples growing. Jason picked off some apples and once we washed them, and our hands, we were allowed to try some! There was a lot of crunching as we devoured the fresh, crisp apples. The tasting didn’t stop there as Jason then picked a juicy watermelon and cut it up for us to try. We all agreed it was delicious, even those of us who didn’t think we would like it.

After the allotment, we had a quick visit to Efford Valley to see the cherry and apple trees growing and to see where Mr Blake takes children for Forest Schools. It was then time to return back to school, with many tired little legs! A big thanks to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you. It was a great experience and we look forward to going back again soon.

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