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Forest School Year 2

Year 2 Group A Week 2

And so we enter the middle week for this group of Year 2 children and the skills presented start to become more specific. Following the usual litter pick and a recap on what we had done in the first week for Mr Bright, every child was given a piece of string. This piece of string was theirs and theirs alone and they were encouraged to gather round as the steps were laid out for how to tie a ‘round turn and two half hitches’ knot. Lots of dangling string and confused looks followed for a while but sure enough, some children picked it up quite quickly and were soon helping their peers.

The children were then encouraged to use these knots to help them to make a shelter. They were split into several groups and given the resources they would need and they set off. Some of the results were amazing! A particular group of girls even constructed their own swing, hauling up a large swing seat and stringing it up with piece of rope that, though being rather thin, was surprisingly strong! Good on you girls! It was lovely to see them use the knots as well and the concentration as the children looped, swooped and hitched up their tarpaulins was admirable. The children were then able to use these dens for their free play and some became decorated, some became dens and the swing was used, a lot!

So much so in fact that the decision was made to put up a full size swing. Rules were discussed as well as: where we should put it; the children were to take responsibility for looking after each other; they were to push each other on the swing and also to protect the tree from being bumped into by any children.


The children also had the opportunity to use fire steels and light cotton wool in preparation for fire lighting in our last week. Perseverance was the key here and though some managed a spark quite quickly and some took a little longer, every child was proud of themselves for having completed the task. Well done Year 2’s!

Hopefully when these children have their last session and we have our tasty treats around the fire, they will have been the ones who lit it.


Until next time,


Mr Blake


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