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Forest School Year 2

Year 2 Group B Forest School Week 1

The other group of Year 2 children had their first session in the woods this week and again it was lovely to see how they just got back into the swing of things and got stuck in!

A short litter pick and tidy of the valley was needed but yet again it wasn’t too bad. We followed this with a discussion about the flora and fauna we might find in the woodland and though ideas of bears and wolves were shelved as, ‘Who knows?’, foxes, squirrels and even deer were mentioned also.

Then a tool talk was underway and this group proved themselves quite adept at remembering rules like the blood bubble and also the parts of the secateurs. This helped them during their next task and there were many mentions of, ‘Remember the blood bubble!’, as they used the secateurs to find samples of the trees in the valley.

This was also a great week for the children coming up with some brilliant ideas during their free play. Some wanted to put up a swing, some decided to construct shelters and some wanted to construct a climbing rope rope area! In fact, their ideas were so good that we embraced them for the rest of the session which is one of the lovely things about Forest School that allows us to follow their interests and let them use the skills they have learnt to enhance their experience.


Another great week and hopefully this nice weather will keep up for weeks to come!


Until next time,


Mr Blake


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