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Fireflies at Forest School

Fireflies’ two weeks of Forest School


As we draw towards the end of term the Year 1 children are getting a two week taster session to prepare them for some of the things that they will encounter in forest School in years to come. From putting up shelters and building dens to making rope swings and tasting marshmallows, the children from Fireflies class had a fantastic, if wet, two weeks.

They demonstrated excellent teamwork, sometimes displaying a level of cooperation that many older children could learn from! Though sometimes their resilience was a little lacking (this will come as the children mature), the ideas and effort that was shown across the two weeks was admirable. After splitting into groups of four and five to make shelters that they could all fit under, I can honestly say that what they produced was the best yet in Forest School. The children should be proud of themselves!

What I have been most impressed with is the attitude towards the weather and mud. You wouldn’t know it was June judging by the conditions that we’ve had to face over the last two weeks but I did not hear one single child moan. They threw themselves into their tasks, getting their hands dirty and embracing the experience that was at hand. A little mess wasn’t going to stop them!

Hopefully in the final two weeks the other Year 1 children can live up to the standards of their peers.


Until next time.


Mr Blake


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