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Allotment News

Last year we took the school allotment to new levels by achieving not only the South West in Bloom award for It’s Your Neighbourhood (Thriving) but beating all other schools in Plymouth and taking away Gold for Best Allotment in the Plymouth in Bloom Awardtractors.

This was a big achievement for all involved in the school and something we very much would like to achieve again in 2016.

We have some great news, on Tuesday the 10th of May we will be taking delivery of the new outdoor school classroom which is going to be built on our award winning allotment site.

We have been working hard to raise the funds to have this outdoor teaching space for the children to use and as a home for the community project run by the school – The Allotment Project.
Jason and the allotment volunteers have been working hard building new beds and moving soil in so that the children can have lots of wonderful things to eat this year and work has started to get the space ready for the installation of the classroom.

We still need your help!site

We have to still clear the soil and area so that there is a space for the classroom to sit and to be able to get on with the landscaping required to be able to start building the classroom and this has to be done as soon as possible so that the classroom does not sit around on site and risk becoming warped which would be devastating for us and as Jason has been working as hard as helpershe can and with a trapped nerve in his back progress has been slower than is needed to be ready to install the building.

Please, if you can spare any time to just help us get the site clear, we would appreciate it greatly and it would mean the world to the children of Laira Green Primary School because they would have an amazing outdoor space to enhance their education and we would be another step closer to winning again this year.
If you can help please contact reception or Jason by email at or call Jason on 07715291376


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