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Chestnuts at Forest School Week 4

Chestnut Forest School Week 4


It was the last week this week and we had glorious sunshine! No shelter needed again for us so we could crack on, explore and use the skills we have shared over the last few weeks to fill the session.

A new additCopy of SAM_3909ion to this week’s activities was the introduction of a ‘slack line’. A long, tough cargo strap between two trees or posts with the challenge of crossing it! Many decided to work together and support their peers as they crossed the strap but a few tried it independently, a great example of the children managing their own risk!

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As well as the balancing activity some children also decided to try and make a few shelters using the ideas they had gleaned from the last few weeks.

Some also wanted to make rope swings and with a little help they got them up and swinging with very little fuss at all. Dens were also a big thing in this last week with children gathering natural resources and squirreling themselves away in corners of the arena to make themselves a nice safe area.

Lighting fires was of a big interest this week and though we were a little wary given the reduced staffing and the watchful eyes that were needed, plenty of advice and cautions were given to the children regarding their safety and reminding of the fire circle rules etc. Nevertheless we still had several children who had near misses with the sparks and flames. We drew attention, yet again, to how fire itself wasn’t dangerous it was the way that the people who were lighting it went about it which meant it was dangerous or not.


We endeCopy of DSCF0632d up on a positive note however, with marshmallows, sticky hands and hot chocolates! This was a real treat that all of the children had been asking about since week one! Yet again there was a little carelessness with the hot water and there were some more near misses but the children were taught to manage their own risk and these events did not end up ruining the morning.

The four week period has been great and I look forward to the next class to visit the valley, first though, the parents will have an opportunity to visit the arena on the 11th!


Until then,


Mr Blake


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