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Chestnut Allotment Visit Week 3

Chestnut Forest School Week 3


On arrival at the forest we were horrified to see that part of the bench we use had been vandalised, rendering it unsafe. A mass of charred wood had to be removed and the children set their brains working on how we could improvise a replacement.  A large stump on it’s side ended up being rolled in to replace it by a few of the more eager members of the group and we made some pegs to hold it in place.


As we were expecting rain at some point during the session we thought it was best to get the shelter up pretty quickly. Seeing as this was only the second time they had raised it the children did a sterling job!

This week saw the group try and make five minute fires for the first time and it was a delight to see the high levels of encouragement and peer support on show. Calls of, “Come on, you can do it!” and, “Nearly, have another go.” rang around the arena. Part of the ethos of Forest School at Laira Green is to develop those learning skills, especially with a focus on perseverance and learning from experience and the experience of others. Many groups were successful with their task quickly and wanted to go and support other groups that were struggling.


Following this, the chance to explore and create was presented and we soon had makeshift swings, shelters and dens popping up all over our area of the woods!


We capped the week off with hot chocolate and digestive biscuits. A flaw was instantly spotted however when we noticed there were no spoons! Having to hastily, improvise I whittled up a quick spoon from a piece of clean dry wood and soon the stiring commenced. I definitely need to remember the spoons for next week though.


Three weeks down and one to go, here’s hoping for great weather next week.


Mr Blake.


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