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Chestnuts Forest School Week 2

No large shelter up this week because of the wind. It was lucky that it wasn’t raining but if we had put it up it would most probably have flapped and ripped and been a bit of an interruption to the session!


We were lucky enough to welcome Jason back for his first session in the woods and his expertise and knowledge of trees was really beneficial. We talked more about tools used in Forest School and then went to harvest some tree examples of several of the classes back at school. We gathered some Hazel, Ash and Sycamore and returned them to the classes. Jason explained how when pruning trees to watch out for branches that rub together and to remove on of them to prevent the tree further harming itself. We managed to identify the trees by pointing out several key features. Ash: dark brown buds, silvery green bark, grows very straight. Hazel: small soft leaves, the branches of young trees grow quite bush like rather than straight up. Sycamore: large green buds turning to reddy pink, five pointed leaves like stars or hands.

On another staffing point we were lucky enough to Have Miss Kennedy visit the session as well. Hopefully the experience in the woods was enjoyable for her and she is able to reflect on it as part of her BEd course.

As per usual the class was allowed time to explore and create with our area of the woods. We had shelters, a swing, a mock fire and even some artistic stick collection!

On the subject of fire this was the first week the children would have a go at using the fire steels for ignition practice. Working in small groups the children persevered through cold hands and the wind blowing the cotton wool around and most were successful in lighting it. The children worked together and encouraged each other and the delight was clear to hear in their voi
ces as there were shouts of, “Yes! I’ve done it!” and “Well done!”. It was a real treat seeing these children support each other and keep on trying. Like our BLP animals in school, they were both Team Ant and Tough Tortoise!


Halfway done now for this Chestnut class, moving onto fires and more tool use next week.


Mr Blake




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