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Chestnuts Forest School Week 1



Great weather for Chestnuts first week! Unfortunately as per usual with a new group the first thing we had to do was perform a litter pick. The children were disgusted at the amount of rubbish that piles up in the valley.

We made a quick start by talking about shelters and how we would need one for the whole Copy of SAM_3789group if it rained. Groups were set to task with ropes and how to raise them into the trees to put up the big tarp. Though there were some initial struggles they did themselves proud for the first time! Other groups also set about making their own shelters with spare tarps and rope.


Given the chance to explore the area and gather some ideas of what they’d like to do this saw many more children become intrigued by the idea of shelters, it looks like I’ll have to get some more tarps! Several children were also keen on the notion of fire lighting and that led to a group talk about ignition, the fire triangle and how we would go about it in the group. Next week we will go into more depth.

The children were also keen to have a go on a rope swing and after a brief talk about the knots needed they were soon swinging away, with Mrs Owen among them!

One of the most interesting ideas (a first for Forest School at Laira Green) was when a few children decided they’d like to try and make a ‘zip line’. The cogs started whirring inside the children’s heads as they thought and thought about how to get it to work but with a little support they managed to get some semblance of a zip line up. It was a bit hit and miss for most, many sticks snapped meaning bottoms hitting the floor with a thump! Luckily it was only a few feet but, from personal experience, it still ached!

A fantastic first week with the Year 3 /4 children, hopefully the next three weeks will be just as positive.


Mr Blake.



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