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This document was created by Ash class collectively.   All the children had access to this document on google drive and each person typed their own ideas.

Nothing was cut and pasted from the internet – we did our research, then wrote in our own words.

Evolution is based on a theory.

What about fossils?

Fossils are when creatures in the past have died, they leave bones in the ground. Biologists went to search for fossils.

They looked for fossils so they could prove that dinosaurs were real and to show that they were not lying about them.

Evolution means when you evolve from somebody that you were made of.

The apes started off as tiny and then got bigger, until they became humans.

Our spines started to stand up better.

Evolution is when animals or any sort of creature gets genetically mutated due to changes in the genes they get given from their parents.  This is called mutation.

Bears,seals and dogs are closely related carnivores but are on a different branch of evolutionary tree than cats and hyenas. Every living thing can trace its ancestry to a bacterium that lived a million years ago.

We know there were dinosaurs because of fossils a fossil is made when an animal dies. Some people believe that we evolved from apes and some people think we were made from god, but who made god.

Evolution happens as years pass onwards e.g. a beaver has a baby and half of it looks likes its mother and half looking likes its father.So if its mother had small ears the baby would small ears and if father had long claws the baby would have had long claws.

Sometimes evolution can be about sacrifice?Yes that is true sometimes you have to put yourself before others…..

Charles Darwin discovered evolution. He was a scientist.  He was a biologist and then he wondered why there were different species of animal.  He was partners with someone initially.

He travelled around the world, collecting plants and seeds and animals and birds.

In 1859 Charles Darwin finally found the theory of evolution in full for his fellow scientists and for the public.

People and animals change into something else over many centuries through Evolution just like we started of as apes not humans.                     

We are actually animals because the first person was some kind of ape.  Then a few years later they started to grow into a bigger thing. (I don’t know what animal next).

Charles Darwin had followed the footsteps of his father travelling the world he collected plants, seeds and fossils.

Charles Dawn made a book called TheOrigin of the Species.

Darwin saw how  translation happened. Animals more suited the environment survived longer and have younger children than the others . Animals are occured by a process he called natural selection. Darwin struggled with the idea it was opposite to his christian world and he stopped going to church .

The evolution started when we are born,we get our parents genes and some new ones.

.The reason that we are taller is because in the old day lots of peoples tribes had wars and the people who were taller won.Also evolution happens with every thing like houses.In the old times the houses were massive and the door were smaller than now.               

Evolution can mean lots of things.  It could mean where people-like us-can sometimes be animals and some of us are born as humans. Evolution is as well not just about humans it’s also about animals habitats like tigers habitat in he rainforest.

Zebras habitat is at the hot climates because that is the way it is and it’s just nature.

When over the years you change from or mutate into a different  shape. Evolution is when  animals can evolve into different bodies . over the years charles darwin has helped back up the evolution theory .

Evolution is when an animal has been born and have some different genes to their parents

There are different kinds of species and in the different parts of the world like the big cats live in the rainfores.To escape the snow leopards and the polar bears.

Evolution is the dna ladder it changes in the generations of family members . The different families make different people make people that kind of are the same tho have different lockings and likings .

Evolution happens when genes from a parent gets made wrong and then the child looks different:this is called MUTATION .Charles Darwin traveled around the world on a ship collecting  fossils  from around the world on a boat called HMS Beagle.

THE HMS BEAGLE:This boat was a sailing ship .While the expedition was originally planned to last two years, it lasted almost five. Darwin spent most of this time exploring on land (three years and three months on land, 18 months at sea).

Animals live in different parts of the world for a reason because some of the animals like to be left alone and maybe even not want to be found because people might be trying to track them so they can kill  them and use the ur as a new fur coat, which is a nice thing for us humans need but it’s cruel that they have to give up their lives for us.

Evolution is when an animal has been made is a little different from their parents this is caused by the cells in the animal’s body.

Evolution is when a creature or animal changes its form a little every time it is reborn.

It can sometime is when radiation hits an animal and the baby comes out differently and then this has happened over a very long period of time.Evolution comes from the word evolve.

Scientist now believe that humans evolved from apes dogs evolved  from crocodiles.Evolution opens a new door to science and questions the bible and the fact of god.

Evolution is when an animal has been created like a panda, birds who live in the polar ice cap,bamboo  forest, Australian grassland and african savannah. Evolution  is all about animals.

Evolution  is when an animal or human evolves from a past creatures like we evolved from apes and now we are humans.

Cavemen evolved from apes. Each time they evolve their spine and their back get straighter.

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