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Year 2 Science

This half term in science we have been learning about the 5 senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We did some fun experiments to test our senses.

To test our taste we picked out a random skittle sweet with our eyes closed and had to guess the colour from the taste.

To test our sight we used a wall chart with the letters getting smaller, just as they do in the opticians.We tested our smell using 4 jars with different food items inside; these were cheese, chocolate, vinegar and lemon.

To test our hearing we sat in a circle and one person sat in the middle blind folded, Mr Jane then pointed at a child to make a sound and the person in the middle had to guess where the sound came from. Our hearing was very good and we could identify where the sound came from easily.

We used a mysterious box of objects to test our touch, closing our eyes and feeling the objects before guessing what they were.


We have also been learning about animals including humans and finished off our topic by investigating a real mackerel. We were able to pull open its fins and look inside its mouth. The children were fascinated by how the mackerel’s mouth opened and popped out wide to take in its food. Some children were brave enough to touch the mackerel’s teeth and described the feeling of Velcro. Whilst looking at the mackerel we discussed what was similar and different about it, compared to us. The children noticed that it had a tongue, but it was silver and that its eyes were on the side of its head, rather than the front. It was a very interesting and fun end to the topic, although rather smelly!


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