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Yr 5 Forest School Wk 5

Another fantastic week! It seems like I say it most weeks but the children at Laira Green are showing a fantastic resilience and eagerness towards all of the skills that have been presented to them. A note of sadness tinged the start of this week’s session however as when we arrived we were presented with a disgraceful mess. Somebody had been to the Valley and torn up a school dictionary; there were soggy, muddy pages strewn everywhere. The children showed a great sense of responsibility for their local green space and picked every last bit of it up, as well as some other rubbish which was lying around. These Laira Green children never fail to impress me, they are a credit to the community!

The main fire this week was built and watched over by Codie, Ellis and Summer and they showed an admirable level of perseverance in keeping it lit. Despite a few near misses when the fire almost went out completely, calm heads prevailed and were able to heat the kettle which whistled for the first time! Many of the other children were also keen to light their own fires inside their self constructed dens. They needed to try and shield the delicate young fire from the wind this week, it was blowing a hoolie! The way we have been teaching the children to construct fires is initially with cotton wool then some very thin sticks laid against the outside/on top, surrounded by a pyramid/teepee of thicker sticks to give the fire strength and then more fuel to burn. A little like this:

Some children prefer to lay the sticks a little flatter if they have trouble balancing the teepee and this method is usually the one which proves most useful for laying the kettle on. Like so:

The biggest problem (especially in wet winter months) is finding the thin dry kindling we need to get the fire going in the first place.


Perseverance my dear children! Eyes to the ground and the kindling will be found! In addition to fires and shelters a few of the boys were keen to make a rope swing this week and got to it pretty quickly. Several remembered the knot that was needed in order to remove the rope from the tree (the double figure of eight) and were keen to practice this. It wasn’t long before the swing was up!  Unfortunately this was the first week that the first aid kit had to come out in force but Yasmin showed great bravery and a sensible head when presenting her accidental cut. She was a real trooper and a displayed an attitude that all of the children could take note of.

Special thanks this week has to go to my father who came to help out at Forest School (he’s a Plymouth City Council volunteer for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award). He mucked in and helped the children with their shelters and fires, not at all afraid to get his hands dirty! Unfortunately Beth was unable to attend due due to illness, we wish her a swift recovery! Especially seeing as next week is the last week for the these Year 5 children and there will be marshmallows to be eaten!

Until then,

Mr Blake



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