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Yr 5 Forest School Wk 4


This was the first week the children had to endure when the weather was less than favourable! We walked up in windy drizzle and it couldn’t quite make it’s mind up whether it was going to get better or worse. As a result of this the first task was to raise the main shelter which these children hadn’t had to do many times previously. A quick introduction to the ‘round turn and two half hitches’ gave them an idea of how to tie the ropes up relatively simply.


In fact shelters were in such high demand this week that small groups of children took it upon themselves to erect the 4 smaller tarpaulins to provide other dry areas where they could keep out of the rain and even attempt some fires.


The main fire was maintained by a small group of children this week, ably displaying the correct safety procedures and building and stoking it successfully. Several other groups managed to persevere and light their own fires too despite the rain and wind. They show good learning behaviours too, reflecting when on a failed attempt and rebuilding effectively.

One particular element of perseverance of note was when Phoebe was determined to find a big log to sit on and happened upon a rather large specimen which was a long way from the fire circle. The amount of mud she was caked in as a result was a spectacle to behold! With a little support in the end she reached her goal, muddy but happy!

Some of the children also took it upon themselves this week to climb a strong limbed tree, more sort of a balance beam! At one point there were three children up there! We spoke about managing their own risk and different ways to approach challenges. Everyone who attempted it was up and down safely, with a few squeals along the way!

Once again we filled the kettle and had hot chocolate, a nice warm treat on a miserable day. With only two weeks left I’ll be sad to see the back of this group of Year 5 children, the majority of them have shown great determination and eagerness towards any task. Hopefully Jason will be well enough to possibly join us for the last session.
Mr Blake


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