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Forest School Yr 5 Wk 2

Ms Davies joined us for Forest School this week and what a week it was! Part of the Forest School ethos is to take what interests the children have and to use that as inspiration for further activities. Last week a few of the children expressed a real interest in building dens and so that was the main focus this week. The children went into small groups of three or four and were given almost free reign to use a variety of resources for building their shelters. We had raised tarpaulins, make believe fires, slingshots for base defence and logs for seats! Typical that the one week I forget to take a camera is the week that I want to take the most photos!

Another main focus of this week was the fire. We put a lot of effort into collecting kindling and medium sized sticks before a few children started to assume a little responsibility for the fire. We had more than our fair share of fails but after plenty of cotton wool, a lot of perseverance and some very gentle fire building we had success!

Here are some photos from last weeks visit!

The fire was stoked by several children and Beth and Ms Davies watched over it while the children explained their dens to each other and people gave positive comments and constructive criticism for next time. It was good to see people using a combination of natural and provided resources to construct some fantastic dens.

The children then had the freedom to explore our area of the woods while we tested out the new kettle! Luckily it went completely smoothly and we all ended up with hot chocolate to go with our biscuits! We will definitely be doing this again in the future! Hopefully the weather holds out for the rest of this year group’s sessions.


Mr Blake


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