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Forest School Yr 5 Week 3

Year 5 Forest School Week 3


What a chilly week! A few children without the right gear this week but we persevered and made do with what we have.


The main focus this week was on fire lighting, get those fingers and toes warmed up! Firstly the children were tasked with finding the thinnest possible kindling. Last week we had trouble starting the fire because the sticks we collected just weren’t thin enough so we spent a long time making sure that our kindling was suitable.


The children were then split into several groups and given the challenge of lighting the fire themselves. They were each given a solid base on which to build their fires and then had to do the rest of it themselves: make a fire circle using rope; collect kindling from the group pile; collect the kindling logs; collect the cotton wool (not too much!); collect the fire steel, all of it! Unfortunately again, the camera was forgotten!


It was a challenge to say the least but the level of perseverance on display was fantastic! There were problems with how the fire was built; not having enough sticks and sticks too piled on. The number of variables that needed to be controlled soon became obvious to the children! We had some groups that succeeded quite quickly and others that needed some support but the application on display was admirable, we will continue with this next week.


Once again, with it being so cold, we heated some water to make hot chocolate to warm up the children’s insides as well as sitting round the fire. Some children even took their drinks into their dens as a bit of home making!


A chilly week ending with a lovely warm feeling.


Mr Blake


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