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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Carers                        

I thought I’d spread some Christmas joy!!

Department for Education School and College Performance Tables.


In 2015, Laira Green was 16th highest out of a total of 89 Primary schools with 83% of pupils achieving age related expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths.


Laira Green had the 5th highest score across Plymouth with a score of 94% of pupils achieving age related expectations.  This result has been calculated taking mobility into consideration. By this I mean, children who joined us in year five or six are not included within this data.

I would like to reassure parents that we are, and will remain, a fully inclusive school and the governors and myself will readily accept all pupils into our school.   It is unfortunate that the most recent Ofsted inspector did not accept that mobility, extenuating circumstances or our inclusiveness attitude had an effect on our final results in 2014.

Whilst our position in the Government league tables is very good, the most important aspect of education at Laira Green is developing children who are confident, happy, self assured and willing to embrace what the future holds for them.  

We are currently working hard to ensure children are prepared for the new tests in 2016 – which are considerably more challenging.  Support with reading, spellings and times tables will help children achieve age related expectations.  Over the autumn term we have seen a considerable improvement in spellings across the school – thank you!  

The Governors and myself have invited Ofsted to re-visit our school sometime during the spring term to hopefully achieve the judgement that our school deserves.

Check out the data on

Thank you for your continued support, it is very much appreciated.

With best wishes for a wonderful break!

Miss D Bailey




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