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Forest Schools Year 6 Week 2

Year 6 Forest School – Week 2

After watching the weather broadcast on the morning of Wednesday 11th the forecast was promising, no rain was expected until the afternoon. Oh how they were wrong…again! The year 6 children and the adults valiantly got shelters up, collected wood and organised themselves with a spring in their step, a little rain wasn’t going to defeat us!

The children had the opportunity to use the firesteels this week. They were lighting cotton wool which is how we start the base of our main fire (always remembering to leave no trace, the leftover cotton wool either went in the rubbish bag or on the main fire). It was interesting to observe a few children teaching and giving pointers on how to strike the firesteel to their peers. Sharing knowledge in this way is a key part of Forest School and to see it develop so naturally is brilliant! Several children also helped to construct the main fire, using a tripod of Ash as a main support. When the fire was lit children had the opportunity to explore, make dens and use the rope swing.

After a short comfort break the children beautifully observed a silence of remembrance around the fire, taking time to reflect on the sacrifice of our fallen heroes. Some the children even chose to say a few words afterwards. Kiera had written a poem which went as follows:

Poppies are red,

Violets are blue,

Our soldiers were brave,

You should be too.

Following this the children had a quick tool talk about loppers and secateurs, learning the parts and what they were used for. Jason then told us about ‘suckers’ from tree stumps which the council have said that we can harvest for our use in Forest School. We identified some Sycamore along the main path in the valley which we could harvest in an ecologically friendly way to help the tree’s growth. The sticks and branches which the children cut were then used for a maths challenge! In school the Year 6s had been revising and learning their 2D shape names and properties and they had to recreate some of those shapes in small groups. An interesting way to incorporate some of their learning into an outdoor environment.

So another fantastic week with the children in the woods came to an end, hopefully one of these weeks we will be rain free! But where’s the fun in that…?


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