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Forest Schools Week 3

Year 2 Week 3 – Group A

Upon arriving in the Valley the children put up the large tarpaulin shelter, they’re getting quite quick at doing it too! We then had a fairly in depth ‘tool talk’. This week marked a big step in responsibility for the children. The tasks for this week mostly involved tools and their uses, safety rules and the all important ‘blood bubble’. Whenever we use a bladed tool in Forest School the children know to follow the ‘blood bubble’ procedure which is:  

Make sure that the person/persons not using the tool are at least 1 metre, if not more, away from the person using it. This is to prevent injury to observers in case of the tool operator falling or slipping and the tool coming out of their hands.

This week we continued to use secateurs and loppers in a woodland identification activity. The children worked with Jason to identify and locate Sycamore and Ash saplings and suckers in the woods that we could harvest in an environmentally friendly way for our use. Jason reviewed the tool safety rules, the different parts and their uses and which tool we could use for which job.

The children also had the opportunity to use a bow saw. They learnt about its parts and different techniques needed to make a good cut. The children worked with Mr Blake to saw through pieces of wood that were up to as thick as their arms! We learnt about about cutting different types of wood and the children persevered through some wet and rotting wood before finding drier specimens.

Next week is the beginning of the end at Forest School for these Year 2’s. The final weeks will see them be able to use the skills they have learnt and get a glimpse of what they can access in years to come!


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