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Forest School Year 2 (Week 2)

Year 2 Forest School – Week 2

For the second part of their Forest School experience, the children got a bit more hands on. We spent some time in the classroom tying knots where there was lots of practice using the visualiser to help everyone see all the steps. The knot in question was a clove hitch:


We would go on to use this to secure the seat for our rope swings in the woods! Upon walking to the valley we discussed rules for making swings in trees. We came up with the following guidelines:

  1. Find a strong tree with a strong branch that can take your weight.
  2. Get some strong rope.
  3. Make sure the ground is relatively clear and flat underneath the swing.
  4. Use a heavy stick weight to help get the rope up into the tree.
  5. Take turns when swinging.
  6. Don’t push each other off.
  7. Make sure the rest of the group stand clear.

Having come up with these rules the Year 2s were split into two groups and Jason and Mr Blake went off with them to find a site. The children tied the clove hitch for the seat, tried to throw the rope up into the tree and pulled it up nice and safely. One of the central ideas about our Forest School work is that we leave no trace, so we tied the swing up in a way that we would be able to take it down again. Everyone had a turn, even the children who were wary initially, very brave

Following the swing construction it was time for a bit of an explore to find a good site for a den! The children scoured their area of the valley to find a good tree or trees for a prop and good sticks and branches from the ground to use as walls and roofs. There was some great team work on show as the Year 2s hunted for the right length sticks. The looked for those which had a fork in the end to use a rest or indeed even some leaves from the ground to decorate the outside. Many of the dens were really successful and went to show that the more effort and imagination put in, the better the result. The children that persevered and worked together to pull the bigger and sturdier sticks had the stronger dens. Their creations made a fantastic end to another great week in the woods!


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