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Science with Mr Hartley – Hazel Class

Hazel class were lucky to have another WOW science session with Mr Hartley! We were learning about light this term, so he brought in torches, mirrors and precious stones and crystals (belonging to his wife)
First of all, we talked about sources of light and how light is reflected. We darkened the room and used the torches and mirrors to ‘bend’ the light . We changed the angle of the mirrors to change the direction in which the light was reflected and managed to ‘pass’ the light around from one mirror to another.

We then looked at the beautiful crystals that Mr Hartley had bought in, some of which were very valuable. Using the torches, we were able to look at the structure within the crystals. It was amazing!

Lastly, we attempted to make a periscope using 2 mirrors and come card. Some of us were more successful than others!
Thank you Mr Hartley for a fun learning experience!


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