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Foundation Visit to Forest School

Foundation visit to Efford Valley – 17 June

This Wednesday afternoon Foundation classes had the opportunity to go on a hunt in Efford Valley! The children had recently been learning about pirates in class and in the woods they had to go on their very own treasure hunt!

Presented with a sheet of different leaves, the children were challenged (supported by the staff and fantastic parents) to search out trees such as Holly, Beech and Sycamore. Foundation showed their determination and managed to complete nearly the entire the sheet! Species which hadn’t been highlighted as being obvious (such as Rowan and Ash) were found by some of the intrepid explorers, the children really showed the grownups how it was done!

After the hunt the children then had the opportunity to explore the den which the council helped us create, they were suitably impressed to say the least! It is really something, blocking out most of the light from above, making it much darker than any other area in the woods. It’s like a different world!

Foundation also went on the search for some Pirate booty! The challenge was to find something bright, something smooth, something sticky and something spiky. The enthusiasm they showed for this task was brilliant; smooth sycamore and laurel leaves, bright Campion and bindweed flowers, sticky cleavers or burdock seeds and spiky holly leaves were all found on our booty hunt! What a haul of natural treasures we found!

A thoroughly exciting and tiring adventure all round. Thank you so much again to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you!


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