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Hazel Class visit Forest School

Hazel’s visit to Efford Valley and the Allotment

May 6 2015

Hazel class learnt a lot on Wednesday afternoon about what is in store for the children in September when it comes to Forest School. We talked about the way we will learn and discover new skills, and the positive relationship with our green and wild spaces which we want to encourage. The class are already switched on to that positive mentality and were disgusted by the way the woodland arena had been treated by some secondary school children in recent weeks. Given the chance to create, discover and explore, Hazel class had a short but exciting visit to the woods.

Following this, the children walked to the allotment where they immediately saw the chickens being fed a massive pile of sticky weed (cleavers/goosegrass)! They learnt about composting and about the difference between the hot heap where the weeds went and the heap for the food trimmings. Hazel learnt about the Grow Wild initiative (which hopefully some parents have managed to claim some seeds for) by Kew Gardens and the National Lottery about introducing colourful wildflower habitats to a variety of places and spaces across the country. The children got to plant some seeds along a bed beside the polytunnel, it will look beautiful when they bloom! They then briefly popped their heads into the polytunnel itself where it was a scorching 50 degrees! Wow! A sweltering end to a brief yet busy afternoon.

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