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Caterpillar Class Allotment and Valley Visit

This week the children had a fantastic morning at the allotment and in Efford Valley, despite battling the strong winds and showers. They were really well behaved and were enthusiastic about the direction of outdoor learning at Laira Green.

Caterpillars really packed in the activities up at the allotment, they all returned back to school with green (or muddy!) fingers from their efforts. They had to perform the vital task of sieving compost to plant seeds. This week their planting involved African and French Marigold seeds, Sunflower seeds and also planting out runner bean plants from the polytunnel to let them thrive in the big wide world. Along with all of this horticultural activity, the children also brushed up on their plant identification which they had started the previous day as part of their Science work. Whilst up at the allotment the children also learnt more about the chickens, how they need to consume small stones to help them digest food as they have no teeth and that they need calcium to make their egg’s shells tough.

With all of this activity the children’s time in the valley was short, but by no means less packed with fun! We sat and discussed the future of Forest School at Laira Green, and spoke about how we’re hoping to grow a community wide appreciation for our green space via the children in order to positively influence their attitude as they grow older. Our learning space was recently vandalised by some Secondary School children and we hope this won’t happen again. The council has put a lot of effort into enhancing this space for us so it is disappointing.

Caterpillars were shown the amazing den (know known to be an oleaster bush) and were encouraged to use their imagination to find things on the ground and use biodegradable string to decorate the inside of it. The resilience and resourcefulness shown during this activity was incredible, the children kept on trying until they succeeded which was beautiful to see. By the time they were finished they inside of the den was such a magical place for them to be and they showed a huge amount of respect for the natural materials they found.

Overall it was a thoroughly exhausting but enjoyable morning! Well done Caterpillars!


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