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Foundation Allotment Visit

April 2015

Both classes ventured up to the allotment after some miserable weather luckily cleared up in the afternoon. We were also blessed with a large number of parents helpers so we managed to get loads done!

The children were split into their respective classes and given some important jobs to do. Ladybird class were tasked with preparing some beds and had the opportunity to use hand tools, making sure they carefully followed instructions from Jason. They removed unwanted plants and then planted some runner beans in. As the beans matured last year they were a thing of real fascination as the children came up to the allotment, the vibrant purple and green beans were often collected as trophies! Bumblebees were given a similar task at the other end of the allotment, they needed to prepare a large area for more strawberry planting! With some of the adults using big forks to turn the soil over, the children busily got their hands dirty (wearing gloves of course) and very quickly removed a large amount of weeds, roots and unwanted material. They showed great responsibility in pointing out bits of broken glass that remained in the soil from when the area was waste ground. The children were also keen to collect lots of juicy worms to feed to the chickens!!


After all our hard labour we took turns to see inside the polytunnel and learn about all of the flowers and vegetables which are growing in there. We then arrived at the chicken coop! The children were really excited to be to have the opportunity to see them for the first time, they devoured the worms we collected and everyone  was able to go inside and feed them a dandelion leaf. The chickens are quickly becoming school celebrities!!


A massive thank you must go to all the parents who came to help, the amount of support was overwhelming and it made the visit with that many children run smoothly. We look forward to taking the children to the woods after half term!

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