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Fireflies Trip to the Allotment

Fireflies trip to the Allotment and to Efford Valley

Firefly class had a blustery trip up to the allotment on Wednesday. Though it was lovely and sunny, Jason had to talk a bit louder as his words were being blown away! The children all had to sieve some compost needed for sowing seeds.  Some of these were wildflower seedlings which will be going into Efford Valley above the orchard and some pumpkin seeds were also sown.

The tables and beds inside the polytunnel are bursting at the seams with seedlings! Jason has to spend a lot of time watering up there and he has to make sure to keep it well ventilated, the temperature inside the polytunnel reached 45 degrees Celsius at one point last week! Firefly class were also fortunate enough to feed the chickens and learnt which one was hen pecked and which one was the moodiest!

The children then walked to Efford Valley, on the way they learnt about tree buds, about bud burst and about the first leaves that emerge. There is a beautiful example of a Sycamore tree on the path which showed us all three stages all their glory. Once in the Valley we had a talk about the future of Forest School at Laira Green and how we want to help everyone as they grow up to respect this fantastic natural resource the community has.

The children took park in a trust adventure, following a winding rope through the trees with their eyes closed, not knowing where they’d end up! Following this the children were given a choice, they could either have time to explore the den and woods, or learn a bit about rope swings and even have a go on one. I think they all had a fantastic time, whichever choice they made!

On the way back to school the children took the time to appreciate the bluebells which they planted last year when they were in Foundation. The children really took the time to wonder at how these bulbs which they had planted all that time ago, had now sprouted into bursts of colour!


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