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Butterflies Allotment and Efford Valley Visit

This Wednesday, Butterfly class had the opportunity to continue Dragonfly class’ hard work from last week. We spent a long time at the allotment, making sure we are up to speed with our planting and making some excellent potting compost. We began by sifting some compost to remove the bigger lumps and then mixing the sieved matter with some sand. Jason explained that we do this so that young seeds don’t get too much food too quickly because they would then shoot up far too fast, then fall over under their own weight! The sand helps restrict the nutrients the young seedlings are getting under they are stronger.


Into this potting compost the class then sowed something extra special. This year we are growing strawberry corn! We grew ‘normal’ looking sweetcorn last year (which the pesky birds ate!) but these seeds were red and the kernels they should produce on the corn will be a blackish red colour. It’ll be fascinating!


We finished by planting some onions, very gently in the topsoil of one the beds Dragonfly class helped prepare last week. We had to take extra care to space them out evenly, otherwise our lovely onions would rot. Yuk!


Butterfly class then had the opportunity to visit Efford Valley briefly to learn, amongst other things, what will await them from September when Forest School starts in earnest! We showed them our special woodland den, hoping to treasure it for years to come and explaining the importance of looking after our local woodland. The class even help put up the large shelter! We had a discussion about the importance of what we were doing and how it would hopefully go on to impact all of the children in the school for years to come. Needless to say, they are very excited for the coming year and to get their chance to take part in true Forest School!


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