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Dragonflies Allotment Visit


This week we put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of some of our Year 2 pupils. Dragonfly class were to be responsible for the first update of the allotment this season. We did so much work! The children discussed the correct way to carry, store and use tools and became the first models for our ‘Allotment Rules Book’. Using these tools the children spent some time meticulously raking and turning over soil, looking for weeds, carrots which had been infected with wire worm and making the beds look nice and tidy. Some of the children even had the opportunity to feed some fat, juicy worms to our noisy chickens. They love a juicy worm or two! After the beds were prepared the children each speared half a potato with a long cane and took turns in placing them deep into the beds. We did this so that the nasty little wire worms which destroyed our carrot crop this year would start feeding on the potatoes and then Jason can go along, remove the potatoes and feed those worms to the chickens too! Hopefully our carrot beds will be back up and running soon!

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Following a quick visit to our polytunnel to see the progress of the seedlings, Dragonfly class walked to Efford Valley for a few games. Lots of chasing, tagging and fun was had by all, it was a very busy tiring morning!



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